KONFERENCJA: Atheism Revisited (25-26 października 2017)

Międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa poświęcona tematyce ateizmu organizowana przez Laboratorium Techno-Humanistyki odbędzie się 25-26 października 2017 roku w Warszawie. Wśród gości znaleźli się m.in. Julian Baggini, Daniel C. Barber, Patrick O’Connor, Monika Bobako, Jacek Dobrowolski, Andrzej Gniazdowski, Mateusz Janik, Nick Land, Adam Lipszyc i Ewa Majewska.

Strona internetowa

Fragment call for papers:

During the conference we would like to discuss both the concept of atheism and the atheism of thinking. The word “atheism” assumed different meanings throughout history, it has been used as a political weapon and as a strictly theoretical declaration, it appeared at the core of some philosophical projects and at the margins of others, it has been combined with authoritarianism and with democracy, it has been perceived as utopian or as the only possible realism. While in the social life of the West it seems to occupy a hegemonic position, its philosophical implications and perhaps even the necessity for a larger theoretical context has not yet been fully addressed.

Image: Illustration from 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, article BASILICA. Fig. 20.—Plan of church of the Nativity, Bethlehem. 1, Narthex; 2, nave; 3, 3, aisles. Encyclopædia Britannica, 1911. Image in public domain coming, from Project Gutenberg archives (Wiki).